The Pink Taxi Model

TThe Pink Taxi model is extremely adaptive to the local socioeconomic realities. Pink Taxi has different segments that should be present in an ideal Pink Taxi model however given the country’s/city’s needs, laws and regulations Pink Taxi adjusts to the situation and add all aspects that apply. Following three are Revenue generating models for the Pink Taxi:

Rides Sharing App

Similar to other ride sharing services Pink Taxi is always a step ahead with its proactive approach in the technological advancements. Pink Taxi has developed world-class smart phone application and enjoys a great user base with this application.

Pick and Drop

The pickup and drop off point from specific points at defined timings on designated days is Pink Taxi’s service that caters to the corporate sector. We have partner organizations and their female workforce enjoys their daily commute through the Pink Taxi.


With the action of innovation at its very core we have identified a unique revenue generation model in order to maximize the income for the driver. There are various pink taxi advertisement options available at pink taxi including in-door TVCs and outdoor livery advertisement facility. This has huge potential as some parts of the world are facing multiple bans on state level for the traditional below-the-line marketing channels (billboards). The advertisement revenue stream alone generate enough money for the women to not make both ends meet and but also live a happy life by raising their standard of living.

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