The Concept

The concept of Pink Taxi originated back in 2006. Since then, the idea has received recognition as well as appreciation from all the school of thoughts in various regions. With its global presence in 18+ countries, Pink Taxi concept has worked and is proven. It is an established brand across the world. The world demographics show different social economic realities and traditions, however, Pink taxi has been unilaterally recognized as a working concept whether it is in first or third world countries. Some need it as an economic liberalization, while others unearth the solution as a convenient mode of safe travel due to harassment.

Pink Taxi is an established women-only taxi that has empowered hundreds of women and made them take charge of their own lives. The core idea of this service is to provide a safe transportation facility to female passengers and provide a respectable platform for their employment where they feel like they, too, can make a difference in the world.

Women Economic Empowerment

Women economic empowerment means women gaining more power and control over their own lives. This entails the idea of women continued disadvantage compared to men, which is apparent in different economic, socio-cultural and political spheres.

Therefore, women empowerment can also be seen as an important process in reaching gender equality, which is understood to mean that the "rights, responsibilities and opportunities of individuals will not depend on whether they are born male or female".

According to the UN Population Fund, an empowered woman has a sense of self-worth. She can determine her own choices, and has access to opportunities and resources providing her with an array of options she can pursue. She has control over her own life, both within and outside the home and she has the ability to influence the direction of social change to create a more just social and economic order, both nationally and internationally.

Gender role expectations are institutionalized through legislative, educational, political and economic systems. Women need to be "empowered" in order to narrow the "gender gap" and to create an equal playing field between women and men before gender equality can be reached and maintained

What Is An ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

Initial Coin Offering, also known as ICO or Crowdsale is relatively a new concept that has surfaced from the blend of the innovative solutions of Crowdfunding, Blockchain Technology, and the Cryptocurrency.

An ICO refers to a fundraising solution for companies involving a release of its own cryptocurrency. The companies launch crypto-tokens initially with a pre-defined target for the total number of tokens. These tokens are sold in the cryto market against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat money. The ultimate purpose of an ICO is close to the objective of an IPO i.e. fund raising for the intended project for the company and stake for the token buyers.

The phenomenon of an ICO came into existence in the last several years. It began with the ICO of Mastercoin back in 2013, which successfully raised over $5 million in Bitcoins. Mastercoin sold their Mastercoin tokens. This ICO was followed by a number of other crypto-token players. One of the biggest altcoins today is Eithereum - which rolled out its ICO in 2014 raising over $18 million successfully. Wave, too, joined the league with its ICO in 2016, generating over $16 million in funds.

These successful cryptocurrency ventures not only had influence on the world market but also generated a wave of creative entrants in the crypto-tokens market. ICOs are now seen as successful road to fundraising and investments. There has been a good number of ICOs that failed terribly however the successful ICOs made their mark in the industry with a few common traits such as crystal corporate structure, strong team and documentation, vision, and last but not the least the unshakeable technological grounds.

What is Pink Taxi?

Pink Taxi vision is to make regular day-to-day travelling less complex and more comfortable, using high tech technology, innovative solution for driver and customer application backed by secure and reliable data base over blockchain. Existing taxi platforms are winding up users with a strong demand of driver data base and application, which in current scenario does not exist hence not only resulting in issues for the commuting passengers it also abruptly damage the reputation of the company. Over the past few years in operations Pink Taxi has provided a portable application to clients to locate an authorized driver, and drivers to deal with their business all the more effectively.

Since our market has already been developed usage of blockchain backed application would not be much of a task to achieve. With payments moving from cash to crypto currencies incorporation of Pink tokens for payment mode will make transactions more swift and reliable. The plaform aims to go sale and then go public on exchanges like coinbase, Bittrex and other auto trading plaforms. One that has caught our eye in recent months is the new's spy - you can read more on aktienblog - news spy review

Recently the ICO that has become the talk of the town is the Pink Taxi ICO. The Pink Taxi ICO - a CAR TAXI revolution is designed to offer its investors several benefits through the use of Pink Taxi tokens and Pink Taxi ICO. We have launched an in-use token in the form Pink Taxi Token labeled as PTT for all the transactions on Pink Taxi.

  1. If you invest in Pink Taxi through Pink Taxi Token ICO, you would get free rides. This can go long way in improving the performance of the drivers as well. It will bring ahead the standardization in the taxi industry so that the passengers will be assured of safer travel with secure transactions and authorized drivers.
  2. Sensing the effect of Blockchain technology and the benefits of decentralization, Pink Taxi opted for a wiser decision to go with Blockchain technology for an effective functioning of Pink Taxi ICO revolution.
  3. Cryptocurrency has not remained limited to what it used to be in the past. It has moved ahead to innovate other areas of life as well. Originally visualized in 2006, the concept of Pink Taxi has been what would be based on Blockchain making it the first in the world to become the Blockchain based women-only taxi service.
  4. The Blockchain technology would help the taxi industry opt for the standardized procedures. In most cases, the taxi industry does not have a proper driver database and application procedure for the public at large. This can result in a tainted reputation for the company in particular and the taxi industry in general. The Pink Taxi ICO revolution makes use of a mobile app that would let the users check out the licensed drivers and the drivers manage their business in a proper manner

Well, if you are a crypto investor, you have a lot to be benefited from the Pink Taxi revolution. Participating in the Pink Taxi ICO would help investors earn rewards in the form of free rides. In addition to the investors, the drivers would also improve their earning abilities. Yet another feature that works as an incentive for the investors is the standardization of the procedure that Pink Taxi has been able to introduce in the traditional taxi industry. You can be sure of a safer transaction and journeys as you have access to truly authorized drivers. The Pink Taxi ICO has Pink Taxi Tokens, also known as "PTT" as the sole payment method for the transactions. This would ensure faster and reliable transactions.

Pink Taxi App design to be followed on Blockchain

Blockchain App Implementation on Pink Taxi platform, introducing with Wallet, driver feedback, passenger feedback, drivers subscrption via tokens, cashless transactions through tokens & token exchange program.

Pink miles to ride free miles

The company believes in encouraging token owners participating in the Token sale process by offering free rides throughout the year and can be used anytime. This will not only support the token owners to avail free rides it will also provide the driver registered with Pink Taxi to enhance their earning structure. Initially this scheme will be available in cities where Pink Taxi is operational. The overall bonus miles will be available till 2020 till the time full expansion plan is executed.

Top Ratings

In 2006, the first ever Pink Taxi service was launched in the UK. Since then the ideology of Pink Taxi is adopted in 17 countries & multiple cities making the initial idea a success story. Based on the same focus in mind, Pink Taxi Group Ltd. was formed in the UK in 2018 with a vision to collaborate or partner with existing Pink Taxis companies under one umbrella. With implementation of innovative technology of blockchain, a single app will be available for the customers and drivers. This will not only ensure security but it will also add quality standards in service level. Effective Q2, 2018 private crowdfunding has been announced by the group with Phase A and B of Token sale to end by Q3, 2018. The tokens acquired during the process will be listed on multiple exchanges including automated trading apps like bitcoin profit. The Token sale process will ensure the group to expand and outreach new markets while partnering & collaboration with existing companies.


Proud moment for Pink Taxi Group Ltd. UK
H. E. Khurram Shroff named in the 100 POWERLIST. 31 thousand nominations, 47 nationalities - banking & finance award recipient.

Vision to resolution

Pink Taxi has benefitted with a loyal customer based and has created a strong reputation of quality service through authorized drivers and vehicles. Setting new standards backed by innovative technology of blockchain. Standardization with innovation is a key to success in this era of technology. Customers prefer secure travel with authorized driver and safe transaction.

Current Situation/Problems

In some parts of the world, public transport service is intimidating towards women. It does not propose a safe and secure journey; resulting women to either stay at home or face problems finding suitable transportation. Females attending educational institutions, offices or even going to shopping malls experience disrespectful behavior from the drivers and conductors of public buses. Pink Taxi has identified this niche and is exclusively offering this service.

State-of-the-art platform

The entire idea of Pink Taxi revolves around the concept of empowering women. It also incorporates the idea of women economic empowerment in some parts of the world & to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for empowerment and sustainable development, and improve the quality of life for women, their families and communities.

Future Plan

Pink Taxi has the plan of aiding women on their paths to being economically empowered. A few countries might have started aiding women in their path of being empowered via a vehicle scheme or training females to become more experienced in other fields of life. We will continue to work with governments and institutions to aid women's empowerment.

The Pink Taxi, as time goes on, will be the sole form of payment so that the payment option will develop faster. We will try our best, using various means, for it to be easily accessible. Our tokens are incredible because they are universal and can be used anywhere in the world. We want the color Pink to be seen everywhere in the world.

Pink Taxi intends to spend time, effort and funds in researching and developing an IoT taxi counter device that will be hooked to our blockchain.

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